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F. Air hoses shall be loed so they do not present a tripping hazard. G. Trigger shall not be locked in case the tool needs to be stopped quickly. H. Airline hose section connections shall be pinned together to prevent against separation.

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Near miss 1. Page 1 of 8 NEAR MISS OBSERVATION AND ELIMINATION OF HAZARDS DOCUMENTATION SEMI-ANNUAL REVIEW 2014 Date Near Miss Observation (WHAT) Potential Hazard (WHY) How Eliminated (ACTION) Mar 1 2014 Step at


must not allow access by children or pets to prevent distraction and injury. • Route the air hose along a safe route to reach the work area without creating a tripping hazard or exposing the air hose to possible damage. • Place the object(s) to be sandblasted in an area

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Yellow.Yellow shall be the basic color for designating caution and for marking physical hazards such as: Striking against, stuling, falling, tripping, and "caught in between." [39 FR 23502, June 27, 1974, as amended at 43 FR 49748, Oct. 24, 1978; 49 FR 5322


tripping hazard, and (l) not point a tool at any person if it ejects pins, nails or any other projectiles. Work in explosive Air tool supply lines (3) A worker shall not use a pneumatic portable tool or air hose so as to direct the air stream against any person. (4) A

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Hazard/Solution: Workers may suffer from a variety of health hazards if proper ventilation is not in place. Ventilation must be provided to supply healthful air to rooms, buildings, and work areas. 1910.265(c)(7)


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4) Route air hoses to Compressor, Air Volume Tank and Air Tugger to eliminate tripping hazards. 5) Make all air hose connections; use safety clips and whip checks on all connections, including connections to the equipment. 6) Check compressor and air


To avoid a tripping hazard wind the cable when not in use. 8. Do not unplug by pulling on the cable. To unplug, grasp the plug, not the cable. 9. Do not handle the plug or Dyson appliance with wet hands. 10. Do not put any object into openings. Do not use with


does not occur when the hose is changed, the blockage is probably loed in the tubing system leading to the original inlet. 1c.Obstruction in the tubing system inside the walls. 1d.Wall inlet cover not properly sealed. 1e.Exhaust tubing or vent clogged. 2a. 2b.

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AND OIL. Do not leave cord lying around after job is complete. It can become a tripping hazard. 6DO NOT RUN VACUUM OVER CORD. 7TURN SWITCH TO OFF before un-plugging power supply cord. 8DO NOT UNPLUG BY PULLING CORD. To unplug, grasp

8 Best can create a tripping hazard, particularly because your hose will likely blend in easily with the surrounding grass and plants. Plus, the rubber casing that surrounds your hose will become very slippery and become even more hazard…

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11. Be sure the power cord does not become a tripping hazard to you or others while vacuuming. 12. If using the cleaner to vacuum stairs, place the cleaner to avoid falling and be sure to work above the cleaner to avoid injury should the unit fall. 13. Do not use


tripping hazard. • Make sure all personnel are clear of the load before lifting or lowering. • DO NOT use extenders or accessories unless they are rated for the load, injury or death could result. • Never use this tool when working around electrified rail unless it is de

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31/10/2019· If you are planning to use a hose to drain the dehumidifier’s water bucket, make sure the unit is loed near enough to the floor drain or sump to avoid the need for a long and unwieldy hose. Don’t create a tripping hazard! Do not be alarmed if the air temperature

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4. Restricted air intake. Clean or replace air filter element. 5. Worn valves. Replace valve plate assely. Air leaking from inter stage safety relief valve when compressor is pumping. 1. Safety relief valve not functioning properly. Remove and install new safety relief

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Keep air hoses out of aisle ways where they can be damaged by traffic or be a tripping hazard. Compressed air tools are safe and reliable when properly and sensibly used. The above evaluations and/or recommendations are for general guidance only and should not be relied upon for legal compliance purposes.

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high-pressure water, tripping over hose. Inspect hose before use and replace it if it looks worn. Page 2 of 3 Pluer Job Hazard Analysis Office of Environmental Health and Safety

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Do not plug Other appliances into the same outlet; this could overload the outlet and create a fire hazard. Make sure the air conditioner and cord are positioned where they do not create a tripping hazard and will receive adequate ventilation.


4 Air hammer build up. Falling in downleg. Noise. Falling build-up. Hose coming apart. Make sure scaffolding boards are covering downleg properly. Be aware of surroundings. Wear gloves, face shield, acid jacket, ear plugs and ear muffs. Use safety harness and

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Employees should keep their work area well-lit, and make sure that electrical cords don’t cause a tripping hazard. Pneumatic Tools Pneumatic tools are powered by compressed air. If used improperly, the hose that attaches the tool to an air supply can detach

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Properly remove and dispose of existing unit. 5. Provide an owner’s manual with heating system replacements. 6. appropriate drain or may cause a tripping hazard. See Condensate Removal in Chapter 3 - Section 3.8.2 for more information about condensate

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3. The exhaust hose supplied with the portable air conditioner has been specifically designed for this air conditioner. Do not lengthen the hose by adding additional hoses or attachments or replace it with any other hose. Warning: Longer hoses are not 11

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and to make the annexed Regulations respecting occupational safety and health made under Part IV of the Canada Labour Code, in substitution therefor, effective March 31, 1986.Part I 1.1 [Repealed, SOR/2002-208, s. 2] Interpretation 1.2 In these Regulations, Act

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Make sure the electrical cord of the compressor is not a hurdle, sometimes due to the positioning of the compressor the cord might be up in the air which is an inherent tripping hazard. Needless to say that it is very dangerous especially when any power equipment is involved, so always keep the extra dangling cord tugged away.

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If a drain hose is used, place the dehumidifier as close to the drain as possible so the hose does not become a tripping hazard. A short distance between the unit and the drain also reduces the amount of potential damage in case of a leak.